Dick Vs Perry

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Dick and Perry make up two opposite parts of a whole, but it is their shared desire to be normal and accepted in society that drives them to become a team of murderers. Other than having “celled together at the Kansas State Penitentiary,” the two men seem to have little in common (Capote 22). Dick concerns himself with embracing masculinity, while Perry holds true to his passions and a more sensitive side. Ultimately, the intimacy of their relationship is fueled by both men: by Dick, who “was not critical of Perry’s exotic aspirations…[and] was willing to listen, catch fire, share with him those visions of ‘guaranteed treasure,’” and by Perry, whose submissiveness allowed Dick to carry an illusion of power and strength (Capote 44). Within this is a sense of irony, for their relationship holds the purpose of bringing them closer to reality and normalcy but…show more content…
Clutter was a wealthy man’” and that there was “‘a sort of cabinet, or safe, or something, right behind the desk in the...office’” (Capote 161). It is Dick’s idea of a perfect score, a way to earn the money necessary to live like everyone else, and Perry is seen as the perfect partner due to his tendency to listen to Dick. As long as Dick is able to humor Perry in his dreams about finding treasure, then Perry is one of the only people he can count on for a job where trust is absolutely essential. From the situation evolves not necessarily feelings of comity but rather a shared goal of belonging somewhere. Dick longs for power, and Perry longs for understanding. Within the realm of their relationship, Dick maintains control over Perry, and Perry believes that a part of Dick can comprehend his loftiest dreams; in the real world, however, these are two things they continue trying desperately to achieve in the way of murder and robbery, attempting to utilize each other in the

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