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Shakespeare, George Orwell, Harper Lee, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, and Lois Lowry are just some of many famous authors known for their timeless tales and valuable lessons. Many schools in Ontario today have used the literary works of these authors in their curriculums for over thirty years and continue to use them today. While good writers exist in all cultures, Ontario school curriculums should put more emphasis on Canadian literature. This essay will prove that graduating students in Ontario should focus more on Canadian writings in a Grade 12 English course to become more familiar with their own literature. By studying literary works of Canadian authors, students are able to become more familiar with their own cultural background; relate…show more content…
Canada has always been a “branch plant” of another country (starting with England and France); meaning, the Canadian culture has never had the chance to develop, since it has always been under the thumb of a more powerful, foreign culture. So, for years, a student in Ontario would study Shakespeare and other British writers; today they may also study American authors such as Fitzgerald. In addition, many schools limit a student’s exposure to the Canadian novel to ISP reading lists. In this sense, “Canada is America’s attic” in which American (as well as British) literature has been stored in school curriculums without considering the works of Canadians.1 It’s no wonder a Canadian student has problems appreciating their…show more content…
As Robertson Davies stated, “Canada is not going to have a national literature in the mode of those European lands, where a long history has bound the people together, and where a homogeneous racial inheritance has given them a language, customs, and even a national dress of their own.”2 Students need to look at the work of Canadian authors who have come here from different cultures. Connecting with the multicultural student body is really important! Canadian citizens are lost in a sea of international influences – they hardly know who they are and they do this without realizing it. Therefore, the discovery of Canadian authors with different ethnicities, races, traditions, and backgrounds can not only help Ontario students appreciate their own culture; but it can also help them understand and respect the variety of cultures surrounding

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