Compare And Contrast Aztec Schools And Modern Day Schools

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Aztec schools were very different from our modern day schools. Aztec teachers would teach children in different categories. They would separate boys from girls and rich from poor in separate groups. Many of the girls would learn about history, reading, cooking, sewing, weaving, and other everyday needs for a family. Boys would learn math, science, architecture, agriculture, and defense. Some of the older kids would learn more information about what they were learning, but younger children learned more the basics. Modern day schools are not like the Aztec schools. Some schools have laptops though others have some electronic items that they use to get work done for school. Aztec children would have to read through writings and books. As you can see many things are very different compared to modern day schools. The boys either went to a Cuicalli or Calmecac school. The Cuicalli school was more a military school than anything else. They learned about defense and war. When…show more content…
Modern day school starts with preschool and goes up until a school called college. Preschool is where you learn the basics like letters, numbers, shapes, animals, colors, etc. Once you have finished and graduate from preschool you move onto elementary school. This is where you go a little deeper into the things you learned in preschool, and then learn even more. These are normally grades kindergarten through fifth grade. In some places elementary school goes only to third grade. Then fourth through sixth grade you would be in intermediate school. Each school you move up to the more things you will learn. After intermediate school there is a school called high school. High school is where you are almost done with a school and then you’ll move on to college. College is a university which is completely different from a grades school. College is where you learn the most advanced things about different

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