Queer Reflection

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I grew up on the Northern California coast, three hours north of the nearest city. This put me in between two extremes. The first being the liberal mind set of the pot smoking, hippie Nor Cal mindset, and homogenous hunting, fishing, farming mindset of small town USA. The town ranged from pride flags to confederate ones, and the people from queer to very bigoted. These extremes shaped not only my view of the history of the word queer, but of my experience of both being a queer women, and having passion for the rights of queer individuals. These experiences are what lead me to this class, as a person with both many opinions, many blindspots, and many questions. My first recollection of the word queer was it being used as a synonym for the whole of the LGBTQ+ community. In my experience it was the word used by bi-sexual women who wanted to feel a connection to a community that they felt outside of. Queer was the umbrella term that allowed these women to fight against the “gate keepers” who viewed their experience with men as a…show more content…
He carried himself with pose and ignored the slurs as they were flung at him. My own passion for queer theory comes from the part of me that is both overly confrontational, overly protective, and yet entirely non combative. I’m a “the pen is the stronger than the sword” kind of person, so education is where I turn. My desire to protect my little brother from the big and bad of the world, and my absolute inability to actually do so, it part of what lead me to queer theory, with the questions of “why do these prejudices exists?” and “how can we make it better for people in the future?”. I have found that over the years, as his confidence in himself has grown, so has my passion for this subject. My hope is to see trans becoming more accepted and I believe that much of the key to this dream lies within queer

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