The Importance Of Becoming A Sportswriter

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Sports are a huge part in American lifestyle. Whether you play sports, watch them, follow your favorite team, or even write about them, sports have found a way into America’s culture. What is becoming more popular and easy to do is sportswriting. With the invention of the internet, sportswriting can be spread to more people. Sportswriting is a competitive job because of the rewards it comes with, going to games, meeting players, and traveling. To become a sportswriter, one must know what they do, what education is needed, and ways to improve the work. First of all, to be a sportswriter you have to learn about what they do. There are a lot of different articles that can be described as sportswriting. It can be about the team, the players,…show more content…
For example, a college degree is a great way to start the journey to become a sportswriter. A bachelor's degree makes it a lot easier to get a job in the sportswriting field. According to InfoBase, the best degree to get would be a journalism degree. Obviously, this would directly relate to the job of a sports journalist. In these clases, it is also important to learn about design, layout, and editing since those topics will come up often. During college, it is also helpful to get internships. These internships can be at local newspapers, college newspapers, or anywhere that allows you to gain experience. Another beneficial part of getting an internship is “You will also have the opportunity to work side-by-side with an established sports writer, reporter, broadcaster or another type of journalist and learn from his or her vast array of experiences while directly participating” (How to Become a Sports Journalist). This sets a good foundation for a career in sports writing. Another important part of being a sportswriter, is being able to meet deadlines. Because the articles have to be released while the game or news is still current, bosses will demand the work in a timely fashion. Having time management skills is important. Also, starting your own blog to help get your writing out is valuable. Journalism Degree says that you should “Fill your blog pages with the highlights,…show more content…
There are many sports and a ton of topics to write about. The key is to find a specific sport and stick to it. Surround your life with this sport and know everything there is to know. Similarly, it is important to keep practicing your craft. Without plenty of practice, you can’t succeed. Jimmy Spencer, an acclaimed sports writer says, “From there, crank out quality articles/columns with regularity. You should write daily or at least five pieces per week” (Spencer). To be a great writer, you have to be able to write easily. And by writing a lot during the week, a sportswriter’s job becomes second nature. Another thing that is necessary to be a sportswriter is to read other writing. Though they are the ‘competition,’ other writing can help become a better writer. The writing could lead to a creative idea or influence one’s own writing. Finally, being a sports writer is ever changing. The job requires a lot of creativity and be able to adapt to new situations. Because the day is never the same, it is important to be flexible. As the Guardian says it, “(...)the show revolves around the action and drama that unfolds. There is only so much research you can do on the players or the history of a fixture. You never really know what you are going to end up talking about because every game is different” (Logan). Because there is so much going on at one sports game, you have to be able to alter the

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