Carlyle Group Case Study

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World’s Top 10 Private Equity Firms Private equity companies invest in the other companies by acquitting the equity ownership of them, the amount of money that is being invested is collected from institutional investors and individuals who are worthy. The investment that they make are usually long term which is from 5 to 7 years old, after that they will either sell it to other companies or go an initial public offering (IPO). For reducing the risk privet equity firm often partner with other privet equity companies. They do it when a large amount of investment is needed. World’s 10 top Private Equity Firms are listed below: 1. Apollo Global Management LLC 2. Blackstone Group LP 3. Carlyle Group 4. KKR & Company LP 5. Ares Management LP 6. Oaktree…show more content…
The Carlyle Group was founded in 1987 by William E. Conway, Jr., Daniel A. D'Aniello and David M. Rubenstein in Washington, DC. The Carlyle Group has grown up to one of top private equity companies which currently having 1550 employees working in 31 offices around the world. More than 1750 of wealthy individuals, wealthy families, unions and corporations from 28 countries has invested in Carlyle group. 1- William E. Conway, Jr. William E. Conway, Jr. is one of the Co-founders of the Carlyle group, and currently working as Co-Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of The Carlyle Group. He is graduated from Dartmouth College and the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business. William E. Conway, Jr. started his career at The First National Bank of Chicago in 1971 and worked at there for 10 years in different positions after that from 1981 to 1987 he worked at MCI Communications. 2- Daniel A. D'Aniello Daniel A. D'Aniello is one of the Co-founders of the Carlyle group. He is graduated from Syracuse University and the Harvard Business…show more content…
Prior to working at Apollo, he was focusing on distressed debt, leveraged loans, bonds with high yield and other fixed income assets. Prior to that he was working at Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc. as Senior Executive Vice President. 4. Antony P. Ressler Antony P. Ressler is another of the Director and Co-founders of Ares Management, currently working as Chief Executive Officer of Ares Management GP LLC and he is Ares’ general partner. Antony P. Ressler graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with the degree of BSFS and studies his MBA at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. 5. Bennett Rosenthal Bennett Rosenthal is another of the Director and Co-founders of Ares Management, and currently he is Co-Head of Private Equity Group of Ares Management LP and a general partner of Ares. Mr. Rosenthal received B.S. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, and at the same university he also studied his

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