Definition Essay: The Role Of Passion In Our Life

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There are so many abstract ideas on this planet we call our home with no way of actually defining them. Throughout our lives we try and set a binding box around these concepts as an attempt to grasp their full meaning. One of these such incomprehensible concepts is passion. While the dictionary defines passion as "any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling," I feel that there is more to this emotion than just those few words in the dictionary. Passion, in my heart, means the fearless pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, gets your blood racing, and fills every vein with ferocious energy. The best thing about being passionate is that no two people have the exact same drive or the same desires to fulfill. It's what makes you, you and them, them. It's like looking up at the same stars and seeing completely different things. Each individual passion is like a snowflake falling from a gray winter sky. Each one has its flaws and its perfections that make it beautiful. It…show more content…
Deep down we don't want to "keep calm" like the pressure of society forces upon us. Instead, we need to break out, get rowdy, make a ruckus, and change the world. No one ever changed the world by laying back and keeping calm. A life lived without passion is not a life worth living. Passion is more than just emphasized enthusiasm or excitement. Passion is ambition that materializes into action when we put as much heart, mind, and soul into something as is humanly possible. When we don't follow our hearts all we face is the regret partnered with the end of each day, wishing we had listened and taken a risk. What is the point in living if you have no drive, no passion to chase? The most powerful weapon in the world is a human with a soul on fire. Whether the fire initiated by the spark of religion, academics, or something else entirely, the fire is still a fire and only you can extinguish

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