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THERAPEUTIC METHODS IN PSYCHOLOGY WILLIAM WRIGHT GRANTHAM UNIVERSITY In this paper I will give a description of various therapeutic methods in psychology. I will give a definition of serval types of therapies used in the world of psychology. I will also give examples of how each of the therapeutic methods ties in with psychology. To begin I will discuss what Psychotherapy is. Psychotherapy is defined as the interaction between a patient and a psychologist. This interaction is broken down into two different stages. One stage being the Systematic stage, which is based on the interaction of the therapist with the client, this interaction gives the therapist an idea of how he/she can relate to the client in order to help…show more content…
Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychodynamic theory and based on Freud research Psychodynamic Therapies are believed to be traced to early childhood psychological issues and tie into the id, ego, and superego. Psychodynamic Therapy deals with the unconscious activities as they develop within a patient. The goal of psychodynamic therapy is to assist the patient in recognizing and understanding their past and present behavior. One of the things that psychodynamic therapy is used for is substance abuse; psychodynamic therapy is one of the oldest types of therapy used in the world of psychological. A sub category of psychodynamic therapy is psychodynamic depression therapy. Psychodynamic depression therapy also is a verbal treatment that assists patients with emotional stress as well as mental stress. With psychodynamic therapy the patient and the therapist must work together to find the source of their psychological problems. Psychodynamic therapy may also be us when treating other disorders such as panic disorder, persistent feelings of isolation and loneliness, post-traumatic stress disorder and a few others. This list does not include all of the other disorders that psychodynamic therapy can…show more content…
Humanistic Therapy is about growth, responsibility and self-development. With Humanistic Therapies their goal is to assist people with getting connected with their strengths. Humanistic Therapies have basically two categories; one being the gestalt therapy, which deals with the person thoughts and the second one, is the client-centered therapy, which supports the patient’s environment and helps them to reestablish their real identity. Humanistic Therapy has been used to treat things like depression, anxiety and relationship problems, but widely criticized for lack of evidence. Another therapeutic method is Behavior Therapies; which is a treatment for those who might have self-destruction behaviors. Psychotherapists, psychiatrists use behavioral therapy for things such as anxiety and mood disorder. Behavior Therapies also have patients to think about things that they have issues with to help them develop methods of coping with the issue. Other therapeutic methods in psychology are Cognitive Therapies, Group Therapies and Biological Therapies. Cognitive Therapies deals with short-term focus to include depression, anxiety, loneliness as well as panic disorders. Group Therapies deal with several patients at the same time sharing their experiences and knowledge. Biological Therapies is responsible for helping the body to restore its natural internal defense. In some cases Drug Therapy, which is

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