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Alaska is a great place to take a trip with the family. Dad has a lot of vacation days that are just going to vanish if he doesn’t use them. It could be our last family vacation with Rebecka before she gets married and forgets all about our existence. Here’s a little history on Alaska. Alaska, The Last Frontier, was bought from the Russians in March of eighteen sixty seven for the price of seven point two million dollars. Approximately sixty- five percent of Alaska is owned and managed by the U.S federal government. However, Alaska wasn’t a state until nineteen fifty nine becoming the forty-ninth state. Have you ever wanted to say “I’ve been in a state that is twice the size of Texas?” In the early nineteen hundreds people flocked there from all over.…show more content…
Alaska has so many cool things to visit and see while you’re there. With breathtaking views around every corner you’re sure to never be bored. You can go hiking in one of the ten mountain ranges that range from snow toped mountains to ocean front, hunting, gold panning by reliving the history of Alaska, going to one of Alaska’s eight national parks that range from icy glaciers to a heavily dense forests, fishing for Alaskan salmon, crabbing on the Bering sea, Iditarod historic trail spans a total of one thousand one hundred fifty miles long, and seeing the infamous northern lights and the list goes on. Alaska offers a culture and temperature change from what we’re used to in Texas. While in The Last Frontier we’d most likely be outside enjoying the views and walking around which is a better fitness plan than sitting at home playing video games. By visiting Alaska not only can you say you’ve been to one of the most beautiful places on Earth it can also be a learning experience for everyone no matter the age. You can learn to hunt and trap animals, ice fish and the list is practically

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