Psychological Disorders In The Film Annie Wilkes

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This movie was about a woman named Annie Wilkes. She is the biggest fan of a novelist named Paul Sheldon. At the beginning Paul had just got done with writing his latest master piece and suddenly got into an awful car wreck. Lucky for him Annie was there to save and nurse him back to help. Well as you know by watching this movie that’s not exactly how things happen. Annie soon goes from a lovely nurse to an obsessive “fan”. She wants Paul to rewrite his story until she likes it. She starts drugging him and even breaks his ankles when his tries to move around. In the end Paul ends up having to save himself in a showdown between him and Annie. (Tiffany) The psychological disorders that we believe Annie Wilkes is suffering from are schizotypal personality disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and bi-polar disorder. She seems is show signs of all of these in one way or another. She shows that she had schizotypal personality disorder because how her behavior and the lack of relationships. Also the fantasies she has about Paul is a sign on schizotypal personality disorder. The way we could tell she has obsessive compulsive disorder was when Paul moved one of his figures and didn’t place it just right in the same spot. Lastly you could…show more content…
Four of the following are used to determine if someone has this disorder: miserly attitude- wants to save money for a future disaster, very rigid and stubborn, doesn’t like to delegate unless the person will do exactly the way the person with obsessive compulsive disorder would. They are what are called a “pack rat”- unable to discard things. They are preoccupied with details; perfectionism interferes with ability to finish tasks, excessively devoted to work, and inflexible in matters of morality ethics or values. (

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