War Horse Conflict Essay

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During World War 1, the total number of innocent civilian casualties was over 37 million; over 17 million deaths (7 million of them were innocent civilians) and over 20 million were wounded. It has evolved into human nature, from a form of survival instinct, for many of us to believe that the means of warfare and military combat (a form of conflicts) can resolve problems. The focus of the four chosen texts analyzed is to explore the theme of conflict to varying extents. The overriding idea from the theme was how conflict at a large-scale in society (such as World War 1) can be perceived as glorious and honorable for many people when really they can have disastrous effects. The theme of conflict is important because, in society, it is and was…show more content…
We could see that Albert was among many young men who enlisted to make his country proud, but instead he suffered. The example comes from the quote, “Let every man make himself, his King, his country and his fallen comrades proud. Be brave and honour the King.” The quote by Captian Nicholas shows that many young soldiers came for the sense of being victorious, to do their country proud and coming home to be honoured by his Kings with heroic medals. This stood out because this was one of the piteous ways to glorify and commend what was about to happen to them- death. Young men were so brainwashed that they forgot what they were about to die soon. Spielberg's intention was to help us understand that we must not believe that we are held liable for making others proud, we are not slaves and must not be treated as disposables at people’s request, which many young soldiers were. This taught us that we should rather think twice before letting ourselves do something we might regret or might harm us, such as what Albert didn’t do and found out too

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