Disney Movies: The Four Stages Of Cinderella

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Headquartered in Burbank studio, Disney is home to many well-known fairy tale princesses ranging from the classic, lovely Snow White to the fearless, enthusiastic Anna. A multinational mass media corporation like Disney has it’s own genre, labeled, “Disney Fantasy”. Over the years, Disney fantasies has undergone a positive transformation under the influence of popular culture. Disney fantasies can be broken down into four distinctive stages: conservative, transitional, reflective, and revisional. Disney’s original production from the 1930’s to 50’s were very conservative in terms of gender expectations. Early fairy tales all share a common theme of misfortune falling upon a beautiful young princess or maiden whose needs to be recused by a handsome,…show more content…
She was tricked into eating a poisonous apple to took her life away and but brought back to life by a kiss from the prince of her dreams. A decade later, Cinderella was created. Cinderella is a beautiful blonde maiden with shiny blue eyes who was mistreated by her evil stepmother and mean stepsisters until she met the handsome Prince Charming that take her away from the misery. We can already 1 http://www.fpx.de/fp/Disney/Scripts/ see some parallels in both films with an evil step mother and a kind domestic girl’s whose extraordinary beauty causes them be envied. Last to the list, is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty in 1959. Aurora was cursed as baby to prick her finger and a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday and fall into a deep sleep until the her destined prince saves her. Prince Phillip defeats the evil dragon and rescues her from the castle wakes the sleeping beauty up by a magical kiss. These three princesses are kind, compassionate, yet the same time, helpless. They have to be rescued by their “true love”. Their lives are practically meaningless until the “prince of their dream” comes to life. The primary settings are home oriented, whether that means a castle on

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