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Discussion Combustion is the reaction between a substance and oxygen with heat and light given off. With metals, corrosion is actually the metal slowing reacting with the oxygen around it or combusting. In the beginning of our experiment, we cleaned the magnesium ribbon using sand papers as magnesium metal has already reacted (corroded) with oxygen in air as magnesium is a reactive metal. The outer layer of the magnesium ribbon has formed magnesium oxide, which would slow down the reaction with oxygen when it is burnt as magnesium oxide will not react with oxygen any longer (nziz). From the observation, we can see that when magnesium metal undergoes combustion, a very bright flame is given off. This is also caused by the reactivity of magnesium.…show more content…
More reactive substances will displace the oxides of those which are less reactive. In this case, aluminium is a substance which is more reactive when compared to carbon. Therefore, carbon cannot displace aluminium metal in aluminium oxide to form carbon dioxide when the mixture of aluminium oxide and carbon is heated (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014). From the observations of our experiment, there is difference in the producing of gas bubbles, indicating the difference in rate of reaction (babylon). For the heating of zinc oxide and carbon, gas bubbles are produced slowly, indicating rate of reaction is slow. For the heating of iron (III) oxide and carbon, gas bubbles are produced rapidly, indicating rate of reaction is rapid. For the heating of copper oxide, gas bubbles are produced very rapidly, indicating the rate of reaction is very rapid. If we compare the difference in position of elements in the reactivity…show more content…
The dependant variable would be the type of metal used to react with oxygen, as different metals have a different reactivity. This would in turn affect another variable, which would be the product of the respective reaction, which in this case is the metal oxide. The controlled or fixed variable is the amount of oxygen used and the surrounding

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