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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” said Nelson Mandela. This quote reflects one of UNICEF’s main values, making Mandela a worthy candidate of being the spokesperson of UNICEF. The current spokesperson, Alyssa Milano, is thinking of resigning from her position, and UNICEF needs a suitable candidate to fill her place. Nelson Mandela was relentless in fighting for freedom and equality for his people, and he will use the same dedication to fight for the freedom of children around the world through UNICEF’s myriad outreaches as well. He knows how it feels to be underprivileged, so he will be sympathetic towards the children he’ll be helping. His perspective towards them will be different than someone who…show more content…
Nelson’s psychological and social development took place in conditions that were not ideal, similar to the children that receive aid from UNICEF. Though the popular opinion is that Eleanor Roosevelt should hold this position, Nelson Mandela would be the perfect spokesperson because he is mentally strong, determined and passionate, a powerful speaker, and a skilled leader. Nelson Mandela should be the spokesperson of UNICEF because he is mentally strong. “…was at the expense of the people I knew best and loved most” (Mandela 735). Mandela was able to give up something he loved for the greater good of his country, he sacrificed time with his family in order to give them a better life. The decision he made was a hard one, but the right choice, it would benefit his family and his people in the end. He was capable of making the right decision in his past, so he will be able to make the right decision now, even if it’s hard, to save the children he’s helping as well. Though it may be difficult, Mandela will make the decision that benefits the greater good of all the underprivileged children and…show more content…
“We took up the struggle with our eyes wide open, under no illusion that the path would be an easy one” (Mandela 734). Nelson Mandela decided to pursue what he thought was right, racial equality, even though he knew it would be incredibly difficult. Though it took him many years, Mandel’s passion and determination helped him persevere through all the hardships that he faced. The path ahead would cause much struggle for him and his comrades, but they embraced the challenge with open arms and made their country a better place for the people they loved. Mandela would be the perfect spokesperson because he has determination and passion from his past experiences. Mandela also states “It was during those long and lonely years…” (Mandela 735). This quote describes the struggle that Mandela faced while fighting for his people. His years in prison for fighting against injustice were long and lonely, but he was determined and powered through it all. Mandela will use this determination to stop at nothing when children around the world are in need of his help.Finally, Mandela says, “When I walked out of prison, that was my mission, to liberate the oppressed and the oppressor both” (Mandela 736). As soon as Mandela was out of jail, he continued his mission without a second though, he was determined to complete his goal because he was passionate about what he was fighting

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