Legal Aid In Australia Essay

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It is commonly assumed in Australia, that most subsections of our society have reasonably equal access to the law. The concept of equality is that everyone in a certain community is as much of a human as the next person. With that being said, our society is not exactly like this when considering racism, homophobia, socio-economic, and religion-based discrimination. Society may have issues like this, but the legal system in the 21st century should not be bias and should not promote the act of excluding certain people to attain legal aid or assistance. People earning an above average salary are able to obtain excellent legal help if needed, but that’s due to the fact they may have significant amounts of money sitting around. This is different to the other end of the spectrum, the group of people who are…show more content…
The reason that Australia actually provides legal aid assistance to people of low socio-economic standing is to provide these vulnerable and deprived Australians with decent access to the justice system. “Our society invests in a fairly complex system of justice, a system of institutions - the courts, tribunals and other related agencies - to protect rights, ensure civil liberties and enforce civic responsibilities.” (LegalAidACT, 2011). If access to these institutions were reserved only for rich people, the confidence of the larger community in our system of justice would be weakened. So, without a strong system of justice the rule of law would be fundamentally compromised, and without the rule of law we would not have the rights and liberties we all enjoy today in Australia. The way we currently live in this country is heavily reliant on a correct, justice, and fair legal system because without this, Australia would more likely than not, fill up it’s jails or result in more criminals around our

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