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Universal Pre-K Would you prefer your children to have a pre-kindergarten education? Many single parents and low income Americans would say yes, but they cannot afford it. So many poor children are kept from this benefit due to their parent’s economic status. These are some of the great benefits of public preschool from scholarly opinion like, “Most advocates of public preschool argue that early schooling of low-income children is an investment that pays off in the long term by reducing the number of children who will perform poorly in school, become teenage parents, commit criminal acts, or depend on welfare. Other advocates of public preschool see it as a way to subsidize child care.” (Public School Review). Personally, I believe that Universal…show more content…
The side where some critics are greatly against the idea of Universal Pre-K. The Public School Review website, states in an article, that, “Critics say the state should not expand education, when so many of the country’s public schools are failing. Taxpayers should not pay for services they may not be using”. Basically what people against Universal Pre-K are saying in this quote, is that public preschool is just going to be another of Americas failure and that it should not get approved. While at the same time it is implying that this will only benefit undocumented and low income American families. Although I agree with people against Universal Pre-K up to a point, I cannot accept their overall conclusion that public preschool is a total waste of time. Because what really is at stake here is the future of America, it needs to fill those numbers gap with new and young scientists and engineers, but it can only be effectively done by giving every single child from ages 3-5 the same opportunity for better education that every single kid should have. Also, this could indeed be very beneficial to low income families and single parents, because instead of leaving their children at home with no education whatsoever while they go to work, they could be learning the basics with an actual teacher. Why waste this essential part of their learning life with non-educational activities, when they can be preparing them for the years of hard work to

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