Dystopia In George Orwell's 1984

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1984, a wellknown novel by George Orwell, takes place in a country called Oceania. In this dystopian future, people are forced to live their lives in despair, for they are not able to experience their lives freely. Oceanians have lost almost all human qualities as a result of being forced to obey the totalitarian ways of Big Brother and the Party. The novel emphasizes the lack of basic human emotion including love, empathy, and guilt, as a cause to the many years people have spent as mere comrades simply living together under the government. The more years the Party has spent shaping each citizens limited vocabulary and freedom, the more successful they have been in creating the soulless automatons we see in the novel. In the year 1984, society…show more content…
Telescreens are used by the government to keep an eye on its citizens at just about all hours of the day. This scare tactic convinces people to only act the way the Party would believe is acceptable. All of the methods that the Party uses combined are used to intimidate people to not act like themselves, and to prevent them from expressing themselves. Fortunately in our society, we are not forced to live this way. The biggest fear of all citizens of Oceania is to be arrested by the government. Once someone is arrested there is no end to the torture that the Party inflicts on prisoners. When the government finally convinces somebody to love Big Brother, that person is killed. Unfortunately Winston Smith, the protagonist of the novel, learned firsthand about the torture methods used by the Party, more specifically Room 101. This room contains one’s biggest fear, and is saved as the last step in the torture process. Winston himself had experienced Room 101, and like most people would do in his situation, he had betrayed the person he loved. There is no escaping Room 101, and it’s intention is to destroy the last ounce of human spirit that one has. If

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