Pros And Cons Of Prejudice

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1. Prejudice: Prejudice is an opinion of someone or thing, a culture or action you have without examining or knowing all the facts regarding that person, culture or action. In terms of people, prejudice is the prejudgment of someone before you know them or get to know them. Exclusion: When someone is rejected or not allowed to do something, have something or take part in something. Someone is excluded from an activity, resource or benefit that would usually be open to anybody. Stereotyping: A universal or well-known opinion or image of a specific someone or something. Stereotyping is the source of someone committing prejudice on someone or something. This then leads to excluding that person or thing and then people follow that persons actions of exclusion and continue the cycle. 2.…show more content…
Prejudice is a major concern in society. You are breaking one of the most important rules in life, “don’t judge a book by its cover”. By having this opinion of someone or something before you know all the facts, you see person in a 1 dimension when actually they have a lot more sides you haven’t experienced or don’t know about. Naeem Holman (Penn State Black Caucus president) made a comparison between prejudice and erosion. He said that one little comment won’t impact a person. It is the continually comments over time, crumbles them and washes those pieces away. People only see you in black and white (your obvious traits and possible faults) rather than the other colours (strengths and other sides of you). Exclusion leads on from prejudice. When you have this pre-opinion, which is often negative, you disassociate yourself with the person or thing. You exclude or reject them from a certain activity, benefit or opportunity. You feel better than this person and that you cannot interact with such a weaker person and exclude them. Consequences of exclusion can be crime (people don’t feel valued in the society they live in) and things like health play a factor of

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