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When I was a little boy along time ago, My Dad and Mom took me to my first mudding experience and it was awesome I have never seen anything like it, even when we took the truck out and drove through so much mud I was one of the happiest people in the world. Everyday when I want to go muddin I always think about my first time muddin at Buchanan's mudfest in Robertsville, Missouri an about every other day I dream of taking my truck muddin my diesel and god I love that ole truck for one because it's my dad's old truck and I worked so hard to earn it and let me tell you it's very hard to work and save for a diesel. Most days when I can I take my truck muddin after school with Morgen Dare one of my best buds and once your see me flip my tow mirrors…show more content…
Muddin has always been fun for me and trust me it's awesome and very enjoying makes people laugh and have a blast from the past an a blast into the future. Ivé always wanted to take some other friends with me but my 2 best friends I have is Morgen Dare , Nick heibl an my girlfriend and we all have a blast and it's just so much fun and enjoying a one of my favorite parts is the MUD and seeing the laugh's on you friends faces. When yaĺl go mudding for you first time it will be awesome promise like no joke it will put a simile on your face and make everyone laugh an have fun like really itś a good time and nothing bad that has happened you will not remember your will guarantee forget about it. Because every time I hop into the truck and put my seatbelt on and I see a muddy road and to me it's time to kick it into 4x4 and floor it and just have a good or as everyone calls it a wonderful time , but mudding has always been a part of my greatest times in my life and like for real. Everyday I look forward to breathing mudding every chance I get. This is my mudding experience from my past an now my

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