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With the advance of science and technology, the importance of studying the humanities has been forgotten. Some people may even ask, "In this society what is the practical use of the humanities? Why do students still bother to study history and literature?" However, as far as I am concerned, the humanities deserve more attention than science and mathematics because they help students to understand our or other societies, to become critical readers and to become a well-rounded individual. According to a journalist named Alain De Botton, the humanities should help us learn methods of coping with personal and professional situations. In “Justifying Culture” by Alain De Botton, the writer explains his view on why the humanities are failing and…show more content…
“Agamemnon” is one of the three featured stories in The Oresteia. The story of Agamemnon begins when the watchmen of Argos recall the events of Menelaus’ wife Helen being taken by Prince Paris of Trojan. Menelaus calls on his brother Agamemnon to help him retrieve Helen back; Agamemnon agrees. Agamemnon gathers his army and they depart to Troy. During, the journey Agamemnon runs into some trouble. Artemis (A god who has previous problems with Agamemnon) takes the winds from him. Artemis then gives Agamemnon two ultimatums; he could either sacrifice his daughter Iphigenia or sacrifice his soldiers. Deliberating the pros and cons of either choice, Agamemnon eventually decided to sacrifice his daughter and then Artemis gifted him wind. In the next scene, the chorus gathers in front of the palace of Clytemnestra, Agamemnon's wife, who has been taking care of things while Agamemnon is gone. Clytemnestra tells them the news of the war ending, and explains to the watchmen how she knows it. Agamemnon arrives later in his chariot with his prisoner Cassandra, whom is the princess of Troy. An expensive carpet is laid down for Agamemnon to walk on to enter the palace. Agamemnon knows that the gods will be infuriated by this act and begins to deliberate what he should do. Clytemnestra intimidates him into obeying her. Moreover, Agamemnon screams that he’s been killed and the…show more content…
Particularly interesting are his evocations of those days in which advanced training in humanities were the gateway to self advancement and his reflections on the close linkage between the rise of humane studies and Athenian democracy. Knox states “Humanities was the royal road to riches, the ticket of admission to the elite intellectual club, and the path to patriotic glory and the grave.” Knox believes that the humanities were necessary in the ancient times because there were no science advantages. They needed literature to prove that they’re worldly and well educated. However, Knox doesn’t fully discredit the humanities, he says “The Sophists trained their students to ask

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