Does Elizabeth Bennet Make A Good Parent

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Michael Rodi Mrs. Cunningham, 6th hour September 1, 2014 Would Elizabeth Bennet Make a Good Parent? Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen is a tale regarding two lovers, Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy, who battle their egotism and prejudgement of each other to develop a happy relationship. Throughout this book several themes where presented, one of which is parenting. It is evident that Elizabeth's parents are not ideal guardians as they are disconnected from one another and their children due to self-centered ideals and interests. Thus bringing up the question; would Elizabeth Bennet make a good parent unlike her own? It is arguable that Elizabeth Bennet would make a favorable mother despite her parents' poor example as evidenced by her assertive personality, unshakeable relationship with Mr. Darcy, and her affection towards her siblings.…show more content…
Having "something more of a quickness than her sisters" (Austen 7) and being the most outgoing within the family demonstrates favorable characteristics. Another example of her Assertive personality is when Elizabeth rejects her cousin's proposal for marriage directly and openly. Asserters are known to be "energetic, exuberant, enthusiastic, and powerful," and they "love truth and justice and will defend them to the end and are often good at enforcing rules" (Wagele). A powerful and energetic person is good at enforcing the rules and makes a fair mother. Elizabeth's assertive personality makes her a better parent as she is intelligent and has the ability to stand up for herself. These are good qualities to share with your
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