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What is art and who can be referred to as an artist? That is rather a difficult question to answer. There are various types of people and with that said there are various types of art. I for one believe Pablo Picasso can describe art in one quote, “Everything you can imagine is real” (Pablo Picasso Quotes). I believe you can bring your dreams or visions to reality and that’s just what Laurie Simmons did. Laurie Simmons is American artist as well as a photographer and filmmaker who transformed her visual images to reality. Laurie Simmons was born on October 3, 1949 in Long Island, New York. In 1971, Simmons graduated with her BFA from the Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia. She moved back to New York in 1973 to purse her career. Laurie Simmons…show more content…
Simmons’s work blends psychological, political, and conceptual approaches to art making—transforming photography’s propensity to objectify people, especially women, into a sustained critique of the medium(Laurie Simmons ). In Laurie’s photos of “Walking Objects” she portrays shape, size, and colour in her objects. The objects color values lightness and darkness to them. My favorite work she did was in 2006, film called “The Music of Regret”, it’s a small musical created in three acts, which portrays romance and remorse. In Act Two Meryl Streep plays a wooden puppet that comes to life. In Simmons interview with art21 she states, “The original idea was to use the girl dummy, the wooden dummy, all the way through Act Two. As the music and lyrics became more complex, and the emotions became more complex, I wasn’t sure that a puppet could actually carry Act Two. That was when I decided that the puppet would become a real woman. I was nervous about it because the woman in Act Two was the only real person emoting or

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