Cassie Logan Character Analysis Essay

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Cassie Logan, the main character experiences racism and learns the real dangers of being black in the South. At the beginning of the novel, Cassie is proud of herself and her race but oblivious to the possible consequences given to this pride. She notices the violence and injustice of the South as she becomes aware of execution’s of the decrease of her parent's freedom, as well as the horrible punishments given to the blacks. The main conflict of the story is that T.J avery doesn’t really realize that the whites doesn't like him any bit, and there’s no use to hanging around with them. He becomes “best friends” with two older white kids and they betray T.J, making him think he was worth something and almost made him get hanged. In the end, the characters all come…show more content…
T.J goes off to court and the story ends. This whole situation demonstrates how it was like back then and how each and one of the blacks were hurt even if you think that the whites were your friend. It takes one fire to stop all the commotion and to be honest, it sounds ridiculous to me. The struggle for the whole community of the blacks was having to deal with nonsense and the disrespectful actions towards them while surviving. Part II This book reminds me of the story To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In this book, racism plays a big role because Tom Robinson was accused of something he didn’t do and he was found guilty just because he was African American. Even Jem was surprised when he found out,

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