Propaganda Influence In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Squealer is the main propaganda influence. The reader watches Squealer regularly twist and distort information into what is best for those in power. Whether he switches laws or rules, or simply presents information through his bias, the farm throughout the story does not have the presence of mind to notice or care. Shockingly similar events are common within our culture. Our culture’s media presents its viewers with twisted views of information, whether it is because of the publisher’s prejudiced view on the subject, or because of the bias the media outlet takes towards a certain political view. It causes many Americans to misinterpret or look over the medias bias; if we continue to look over or neglect the bias…show more content…
Prior beliefs are based on who watches the show (age, ethnicity, etc). We see companies get in touch with these prior beliefs in their numbers, for example, in a survey almost 30% of the surveyors who said they were conservative said that they could trust nearly everything Fox News Network says. But under 15% of liberal people said they could trust what most networks report. By this survey we can come to the conclusion that “prior beliefs influence consumers’ judgments of quality” (Gentzkow and Shapiro). It is not uncommon for companies to “misreport its signal so as to move closer to consumers’ priors (beliefs)” however, using this tactic “runs the risk that the truth will come out and its report will be falsified, damaging its reputation” (Gentzkow and Shapiro). This tactic is common in media, and many viewers do not even recognize it. Nearly every media outlet takes this risk to entertain their viewers in this fashion. The media feeds us a poison apple of lies, distortion, and propaganda. Without question, we indulge in this, and continue to do so. Even worse, we consume this twisted information without even knowing what is wrong with

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