Negative Influence Of Plus Size Models

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Historically, the idea of plus size has always been negative. Many women look towards models as the ideal example of beauty. One major factor in the modeling industry is body figure. The requirement has been to be between the sizes 0 and 4, and if you are bigger than you are considered plus size. Plus size people make up majority of the population but the amount of plus size models have been slim to none. As the population of plus size models are increasing, they are becoming more noticed. Even though plus size models do still face some professional struggles because of western standards of beauty, their ability to have a positive influence has evolved over time by their growth in popularity. During the 1930s, the importance of women having…show more content…
The media doesn’t equally advertise plus size as much as the typical model size, which affects the younger generations. It has been said that “If there is no reflection of all body types on the major media platforms, it can be harder for women to find beauty within themselves,” according to InfoPult. According to FOX News Latino, it is said that there is a lack of diversity in the media. Due to the lack of diversity in the media, many school girls have body dysmorphia because they look towards magazines as an influence. This has been proved by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders that almost 70 percent of school aged girls were influenced by magazine pictures. Dolls are even included in this inequality, there are not any options of plus sized dolls provided, although the normal Barbie figure is impossible. Cynthia Sass, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, stated that the typical doll sets up an impossible expectation. (Hamilton…show more content…
The big name brands do not provide a fair amount of clothing in the plus size fashion industry. “Plus-sized (and petite) women felt that too few name-brand clothing manufactures created clothing in their sizes and that too few of the popular clothing chains carried enough selections for their segment.” (Frustrated Fashionistas). Not only do major stores not provide enough, but there are not even enough plus size stores in general. Just as there has always been a separation for plus size models and regular models, clothing stores are set up the same way. The growth in the plus size industry is evolving in a positive way. Many brands are now expanding into the plus size market due to the growing popularity. As plus size consumers began to create a compelling voice for themselves and express their opinions, brands began to cater to them. The term plus size may be changing for the reason that the major company Vogue recently had a successful lingerie shoot of all shapes and

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