Examples Of Propaganda In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Animal Farm consisted of a lot of propaganda. George Orwell’s novel made me come to the realization of how easily I could fall victim to propaganda. Even though I have made myself fully aware of propaganda tricks and devices, Orwell made me reconsider if I really am guard from the victimhood of propaganda. The dramatic irony Orwell used to show how the animals are being manipulated by their ruler’s propaganda made me think question whether I’m a victim of this and don’t even know it. However, not only did the character’s use manipulative language but also Orwell’s construction of the book is deceiving. Orwell only spent less than two chapter discussing the time before the rebellion when Old Major ruled. The last eight chapters are about the rebellion and the new rulers of Animal Farm. Therefore, this made me feel manipulated just like the animals were under Napoleon’s control. Since Orwell focused more on “the new” Animal Farm, I was unable to recall and compare it to the old Animal Farm. This memory…show more content…
Euphemism is when “a word or phrase designed to avoid a harsh or distasteful reality” (Lutz 380). In Chapter seven, Squealers gave a speech to the animal which emphasized how Snowball was a traitor. Squealer spent a good portion of his speech addressing how “Snowball was in league with Jones...was Jones’s secret agent” by directing the animals focus on a hatred towards Snowball this prevented the animals from the distasteful reality that Napoleon and Squealer are the ones to hate (Orwell 69). Another example is when Squealer euphemised how “it had been necessary to make a readjustment” of the food supply when there was a shortage (Orwell 115). Instead of using negative wording like reduce, cut, or take away, Squealer used a more pleasant word, “readjustment.” This word usage manipulated the animals into thinking the change in food supply was a good thing instead of the harsh reality that suggested it was
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