Prometheus Allusions

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Anyone who has read Greek Mythology, should be familiar with the myth Prometheus. Those readers are also compelled to find allusions to the original myth in anything that says the titans name, such as the 2012 movie named Prometheus, small Nickelodeon shorts, “Prometheus and Bob”. Even a story that with only some similarities, such as the story of Dreadwolf, are all allusions to this Greek Myth. For instance, in a TED talk based off the movie Prometheus, and a poem by the same name, there are two quotes that allud well. These two quotes are, “Which leads to an obvious conclusion, we are the gods now,” (Peter Weyland’s 2023 TED Talk, 2:12-2:20) and a sansa that goes, “and then is jealous lest the Sky,/ Should have a listener, nor will sigh,/…/ To mortalis of their fate and force;/ Like thee, Man is part devine,” (Byron 1).
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