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Is Prometheus really the great helper he is known to be? Prometheus is not a god, but one of the few Titans who fought against Kronos in the Titan War. Because of this, he and his brother were spared punishment and were responsible for arming the creatures of the world. Prometheus is known as “the great benefactor of Mankind” (2), however for every beneficial act he did, he did the same or more harm to the human race. Prometheus is known for being mankind’s ally, and this is not without good reason. Along with arming the other creatures of the earth,” Prometheus and his brother [were] committed the office of making man” (3). As the creator of mankind, he automatically gains the recognition of being an ally of his creation. However, humans were not just another beast to roam the earth, but created to be the supreme mortals that walked the planet. For this humans had to have a gift that no other animal had,…show more content…
Even his gift of fire had lingering negative effects on mankind and permanently took humans out of the age when they were “free from evil and from hard work” (1). With fire came the burden of labor and also due to the civilizations that were created out of fire, it created factions between the powerful and the weak. After the gift of fire mankind has had to deal with its effects, from wars and genocide to plagues and famine; overall a more laborious and difficult path than they used to lead. However Prometheus’s gift of fire was not the only way he harmed mankind, his direct actions ignited the wrath of Zeus towards the humans. Prometheus used humans as his personal puppets “in an attempt to fool Zeus he hid[es] all the good meat [for sacrifice]…”(1). Because of this mankind was punished, through Pandora and her infamous box. This selfish and reckless act by Prometheus, led to the evils that were unleashed upon mankind, permanently harming humans for the rest of

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