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Prometheus and Loki are two very similar giants, yet they are also very different from each other. They both befriended the gods of their myth, but then defied them afterwards. Prometheus is a giant from Greek Mythology. This giant befriended the gods, and fought alongside them against the rebelling giants and titans. In thanks, Zeus, the King of the Gods, rewarded Prometheus with the right to create a new species: the human. After creating mankind, the giant grew fond of his creation, and asked Zeus to give them fire. Zeus refused. As a result, Prometheus stole fire and gave it to mankind. When Zeus found out about this, he grew furious. Therefore, the King of the Gods ordered Hephaestus to bind Prometheus in iron chains so that he couldn't move a limb. Every day, eagles would swoop down and scavenge the great giant's flesh. Later on, Io the cow came by. Prometheus told Io the future, about how she would travel to the land of the Nile River and she would marry the king of the land. The giant told the "cow" to travel to the Nile. Prometheus waited for five human lifetimes. And at last, up to the…show more content…
This giant swore in to become a blood brother of Odin, the leader of the gods. As soon as Loki received his godly powers, he started attempting to please both the gods and the giants. But soon, Loki fell to the dark side. When he saw all the gods throwing all sorts of dangerous items at Baldur, the peace god, night after night, Loki saw Baldur's weakness. It was the mistletoe. When Loki found out, he covered a dagger with mistletoe. Then he asked a man to throw it at Baldur. By chance, the mistletoe-covered dagger struck Baldur's heart and the god of peace collapsed immediately. In punishment of the slaying of the peace god, Odin banished Loki into a poisonous snake's den. Every day, venom would be spewed onto Loki's head. But, his faithful wife caught most of the venom. Loki will not be freed until the battle between good and

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