Similarities Between Prometheus And Zeus

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Prometheus, a cunning, intelligent being gifted with the sight of foreknowledge. He who was kin to the fearsome titans and yet turned his back on them to aid their adversaries, the Olympic gods, to assist in turning the tides during the great war and defeat the mighty titans. Now he lies at the top of Mt. Caucasus bound by the unbreakable chains that Hephaestus himself forged and unwillingly bound Prometheus in. The noble yet arrogant titan was punished for his wrongdoings, to spent eternity void of solace or companionship, to be exposed to the unyielding scorching sun and the unmerciful icy darkness, dreading the beat of flapping wings bringing Zeus’s wrath with it. Prometheus knowing his fate still chose to defy Zeus and save mankind. He…show more content…
This display of anger shows his petulance and grudge against the gods. The titan will not soften his tongue, furthermore he will not cease to cause disruptions and anger the already infuriated gods. Because of his foreknowledge he knows Zeus will, “smooth and soften his anger, And [he will] offer a pact of friendship, Eager to be reconciled, and eager [will] be [Prometheus’s] answer.” (Aeschylus 27). In other words what the titan will do is simply nothing, he will not accept the pact Zeus lays on the table. Because what the titan wants is for Zeus to come begin to him. So to Prometheus, “Zeus matters not at all.” (Aeschylus 51) his arrogance and pride will not let him see that by being discourteous towards Zeus he is only feeding the already scorching flames. One of the most intelligent beings on the universe can not see that angering the one that hold his leash will not lead to his salvation. And so it is, that Zeus becomes tired of Prometheus hubris and strikes him down in to the abyss. As Prometheus bound, by his sins to that mountain topples into the darkness he is defiant until the end crying out loud: “Behold Prometheus! on him alone, What acts of unrighteousness are done!”(Aeschylus 56). Until the bitter end Prometheus would not let go of that exuberant egotism that he possessed and for that he payed a bitter price, the price of his

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