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In the Greek Mythology, “The Story of Prometheus” tells a story similar to the biblical version of Adam and Eve. The writer use symbols that was very important in order to tell the story. These symbols are fire, spark, and Pandora’s Box. The first symbol is the fire. Prometheus gave the people light. The fire represented courage. Zeus was against giving the people fire because he wanted them to remain dependent on the gods. “It is best for them to be poor and ignorant so that the gods may be worshipped and be happy” (1). Once Prometheus went to the sun and stole the fire, he found men shivering from the cold and built them a fire. He showed them how to warm themselves. The fire was courage and gave the people hope as well. The people had the courage to come together and they were thankful for the gift Prometheus gave them.…show more content…
The spark was very important because Zeus said “Not a spark will I give” (1). He did not want mankind having no knowledge. The spark gave men and women intelligence. Prometheus cherished the spark himself. “Then he hurried to mankind carrying the precious spark hidden in the center of the plant” (1). Mankind use the spark to cool their food. The spark gave them light so they could stop living in the dark caves. The people started coming into the open and they were happy because life had been given to them. The spark was a sign of new life, knowledge, and intelligence. Once the people received the spark or the knowledge they began to build houses and they learned how to survive. Prometheus taught them numerous of things. “He showed them how to build houses of wood and stone, how to tame sheep and cattle, how to plow and sow and reap, and how to protect themselves from winter storms and beats of the woods. He showed them how to dig in the earth for copper and iron and how to hammer them into tools and weapons, which they needed in peace of war” (1). This was a start of a new beginning for the

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