Mirroring Demise In Frankenstein

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Mirroring Demise The subtitle of Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus, alludes to Greek mythology in which Mary Shelley compares and contrasts the traits of Frankenstein with those of Prometheus and displays the outcome of creation, defiance, and the value of life. According to Greek mythology, the story begins with Prometheus, who was a titan god who did not participate in the War with the Olympians. As a reward for doing so and remaining neutral, Prometheus was spared from imprisonment and was assigned with the task of creating man. Prometheus loved his creations more than anything else; so much that he felt compelled to defy Zeus, a god, in order to give more to mankind. During the first ever animal sacrifice, according to the article the…show more content…
Every night, the immortal god's liver grew back, only to be eaten again by the eagle the next morning”. The act of defiance against a god came with consequences; not only for Prometheus but for Frankenstein as well. Mary Shelley mirrors Prometheus’ suffering in her novel, although Prometheus’ suffering was more of a physical sense; Shelley portrays it more as an emotional suffering in her novel, in which Victor Frankenstein has to suffer through the deaths of his closest friends and loved ones as a result of neglect of his creation, and eventually, even leading to his own demise. In addition, the story of Pandora also comes with that of Prometheus. Mary Shelley attempted to mirror Pandora with the creation of the monster. Pandora was sent down to Earth, as a consequence of Prometheus stealing fire and to punish man as well, with a box which she was told never to open. Curiosity eventually overcame her, and according to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Pandora opened the box, releasing, “all the troubles of the world: old age, disease, hard work, etc”. Mary Shelley mirrors this, in accordance to Prometheus and Victor’s suffering, by having the monster kill Victor’s loved ones, mirroring the release of evil. Eventually, Pandora’s unknowing of what was in the box could also equal that of the monsters unknowing of the world

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