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The Champion of Man In Greek mythology, Prometheus is clearly one of the most controversial characters. From stealing and deceiving the most powerful god, to creating mortals out of just clay and water, to hiding imperative secrets about the future of the world, he does not fall short of clever and strong, but yet manipulative. Viewing Prometheus as the “champion of man” can be done so by simply examining his personal self-reflection. Prometheus is characterized as the champion of man in “Prometheus” by Yunna Mortis and “Prometheus” by Goethe by looking at how Prometheus truly does become superior to the Gods, whether is by through passion, strength, and deceit or through defiance and revolt. In the poem “Prometheus,” by Yunna Mortis, Prometheus’s depiction of being…show more content…
Prometheus says “I’ll learn to take deep / breaths, to preserve my strength,” (Mortis, 18-19). Prometheus is overcoming the torture of Zeus that is supposed to make him weak. Instead, he is coming out even stronger, making him more powerful than Zeus’s game. Mortis describes a wounded centaur, a friend of Prometheus, nearing him in great pain. The centaur is “black with pain” meaning that its as if he is constantly dying, but will not die because he is immortal (Mortis, 30). The ambiguity of line 33 truly captures the feelings of both Prometheus and the centaur during their suffering. The line states “He begs for death but is immortal-,” (Mortis, 33). We do not know who the “He” is in this line, but it can easily be applied to both of them. Both Prometheus and the Centaur are suffering in deathly ways, and they would feel a sense of victory over Zeus and his system of immortality if they died. The pain of these two creatures is blending into one, and that is the pain of the yearning to defeat the torturous system of Zeus. Mortis describes the pain felt by him as “torment,”

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