The Titan Prometheus's Phaedrus: The Power Of Love

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The Greek titan Prometheus gave up his freedom to help mankind. After the war on titans Zeus gave Prometheus an opportunity to help mankind for his assistance in the war. Prometheus had grown fond of humans and as he witnessed their struggle, he disobeyed Zeus and gave mankind fire. Prometheus was a titan given a chance to live amongst the gods rather than be thrown into the pits of Tartarus, yet he gave away his freedom to help mortals. The power of love helped mankind become what it is known as today. Phaedrus believes in love bringing out the best in a man. To him the power of love not only means finding a good love but someone that empowers you to lead a good life with family, state, money and anything else needed to live a prosperous…show more content…
He believes in Eros being the oldest of the gods, to be conceived right after Chaos and Gaea. Eros is amongst the oldest of the gods making him a wise god. Love teaches us shame in acting disgracefully and pride in acting well. The shame we fill is when acting disgracefully is far worse when caught by a partner rather than a parent of friends. Phaedrus claims an army of lovers is unmatchable, as lovers would rather die than show fear in the eyes of the partners. Phaedrus continues to explain his thoughts with an example of Alcestis. Apollo had told Admetus, her husband that he was to die unless he could find someone else to take his place. Not even his elderly parents would take his place however Alcestis volunteered and as a token of her loyalty and bravery she was rescued from Hades and the Underworld. The gods rarely give humanity a second chance and her act of love for her husband granted her a second chance. This could only mean even the gods admire a true act of love. Phaedrus continued onto another tail on the…show more content…
To some love is what you feel when you to the person you have always wanted in your arms, and to other love is the feeling they get when the have accomplished a life goal. Phaedrus’s speech consisted of great story that could have only occurred in the name of love. Alcestis giving her own life spare her husbands. Orpheus traveling to the Underworld to save the love of life only to be killed. Achilles losing his life to hunt the murderer of his beloved rather than killing Hector in possibly winning the Trojan War. Phaedrus speech is strong and insightful but it only seems to bring to light the good deeds created by love, it does not mention the tragedies caused by it such as the loss of thousands of lives due to Paris of Troy taking Helen of Sparta. A true man knows to not let an emotion over power his judgment. In this particular example the lives of many out way the live of a

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