Korena Mack: The Runaway Slave

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Korena Mack: Conductor 1845, Spring time in Atlanta ,Georgia, in the Underground railroad. I’m Korena Mack and I’m a conductor who helps slaves be free. In my job I’m very skeptical that I’ll be caught and my land will be taken away. I have brown hair, green eyes and usually wearing my white overalls and striped shirt. My job is conducting a railroad that's underground that travel packages where they need to go. Not only that, but I also help runaway slaves to freedom. “I’m scared” I thought to myself as I’m anxiously awaiting a package. After about 2 or so hours I heard a knock on the front door, and I instantly felt my stomach drop. Before I even thought about opening the door, I took a look through the peep hole. I sighed a sigh of relief…show more content…
Thinking about the time it will take to get there and any inconveniences was making me think that we should head out tonight. She was already fast asleep, but we had to get going so I put the food in the train and was getting us ready to leave. “Get up” I started saying to Jessie as I can tell she’s confused. “Its 2:30 in the morning, why we getting up” Jessie asked. “I’m sorry but we need to leave now, it’s the only safe way to do this. After a few minutes of convincing Jessie finally arose and we were off heading towards North Carolina. We finally reached Virginia and the worst possible thing ever to happen just occurred. The train just broke down..and won’t start. “This is just great” I said with anger in my expression. “What's great?” Jessie had asked. “The train broke down, and I forgot my tools and my house”. “Oh no what we gonna do, nobody can know that I’m trying to escape or I could be getting more hurt”. “I know, I know, but there's nothing else I can do”. I stated. “Well we need to find a store that sells things to fix it” She suggested. I took a peek at the outside and realized that there is an auto repair store, but nobody can see Jessie so I have to make her hide somewhere. “You need to hide while I get

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