Exploring The Characters In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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There's the mortal's land, Elcia, and the immortal's land, Zeshta; which is ruled by the god Sehan. It's from Kalas Yunoki's home perched on the sturdy branches of an oak tree that his eyes devour the sight of Zeshta's bleeding sky. Creaks of the wooden floor could be heard as Kana Yunoki, his stepmother, approaches his figure by the window. Kalas ignores her presence knowing that she's waiting for him to greet her like the obedient son of the Yunoki family is supposed to. Minutes tick away and Kana initiates the conversation, "Tomorrow is the annual lunar festival, the Yunoki family will be attending and you must be on your best behavior. We don't need you to ruin the family name." Although her words flowed out gracefully like a calm river,…show more content…
He changes into them and heads out of the house to Mizuki's home, but not before the servants fuss over him to not dirty the clothes and to remember to attend the festival later on when the sun starts to set. Kalas reaches Mizuki's home quickly; passing the forest and river that separates them, and is greeted by her family's housekeepers. They let him pass through and as Kalas' eyes land on Mizuki, one of the few people who know what's underneath his flawless facade, he gives her a warm sincere smile. They spend the day speaking about events in their lives and in Kalas' case, whether or not he should show Cain, a demigod and the son of Sehan, his secret. He tells her that over the course of the past 6 months, they've meet frequently and he trusts him. However, Mizuki warns him not to because Cain gives her the feeling of being deceitful. Kalas keeps her advice in the back of his head, and as he sees the familiar red sky, he excuses himself to leave for the…show more content…
Somewhere along the way he falls asleep and wakes up to Mizuki franticly shaking him. He sits up and his mind is still foggy as she throws questions after questions at him, asking why he is now labeled as a liar. Then the last phrase she says is quieter as she tells him that his father has announced that he is now officially disowned and is no longer a member of the Yunoki

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