Internal Affairs: Community Policing

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Over the last couple of decades, one specific type of policing has become increasingly popular. The reason for its popularity is because it allows and gives officers more control and discretion over the areas that they patrol and it strengthens ties with the community. This form of policing is known as community policing. What is community policing? According to our textbook, "Police Administration: 3rd Edition(2011), "community policing is defined as the philosophical and organizational effort on the part of police departments to provide productive police services to every segment of a community(p.24). Although community policing is a form of policing that is used in the United States, there are some challenges that come along with it. Challenges…show more content…
Internal affairs is "a function within a law enforcement agency that investigates allegations of misconduct, corruption, inappropriate adherence to policies and procedures and to behavior, and matters so assigned by superior officers to ensure the professional integrity of the department and its members"(p.17). Internal Affairs must identify and address an officer's misconduct as well as maintaining the trust of the public. The process of Internal Affairs must demonstrate a commitment to enhance public trust and to determine if there are any deficiencies within the department's policies or training that may have created problematic behavior. Citizen review boards are an example of how Internal Affairs attempts to maintain the public's trust. "Citizen involvement is one possible measure that would serve to reassure the community of the accountability of the department"(p.31). Examples of citizen review boards are the police review with citizen oversight and the independent auditor. With the police review with citizen oversight, the police are in charge of handling the complaint continuum. but citizens are allowed to review the police's decisions on a specific topic. The independent auditor review board is one in which the police department handles every aspect of the complaint continuum, but citizens serve as auditors that review the Internal Affairs process for effectiveness and accuracy. The auditors are able to make recommendations in order to prove the process as needed. Internal Affairs and the citizen review boards can provide the police administrator with consistent and periodic reports of the officers and their behaviors. This will allow the police administrator to weed out those who are in misconduct and can discipline them with the citizens' oversight and reward those with positive

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