Professional Certification Scenarios

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Following my short-term goals, the first step is going to be obtaining Tennessee specific Certified Paralegal (CP) through the NALA . In any career field, professional certification is a time honored process respected by both employers and those within the career field. Certification is voluntary, not imposed by government. It is time limited, which means that those with the certification must fulfill ongoing educational requirements to keep the certification current, and the criteria for certification is recognized in the community. Keep these aspects in mind as you read more about the CP program (NALA, 2015). After I receive my CP, Michael Breeds, CP, I will proceed to apply for a VA position providing criminal and paralegal services for veterans, who may be facing civil or criminal adjudication, or those that desire to prepare for the future and the future after there are deceased. This will allow me to get my proverbial “foot in the door.” I will divulge my intention to provide care as a mental health therapist helping veterans (USDVA, 2015, Careers) (USDVA, 2015, Job Search and Applications) (USDVA, 2015, Mental…show more content…
Once I have my Masters degree in Psychology, I will apply for my Tennessee State licensing as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. “Counseling is a great option for those who want to work as marriage and family therapists, school counselors, or mental health counselors. Becoming a licensed counselor requires a master's degree plus at least two years of supervised experience. If you love working with people, consider programs in marriage and family counseling, school counseling or mental health counseling.” (Cherry, Alternative Graduate Programs for Psychology Majors,

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