Personal Narrative Tissue Disorder

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Almost a year ago to the date I gave birth to my son, Nolan Alexander. I am beyond blessed for the cherished gift God has given us. This greatest experience in my life has given me to the desire to further my education. The past few years my husband and I have faced a few trials and doubt. I guess I should rewind and explain that my husband was in, and is currently in the Marine Corp, and I had just finished nursing school when we decided to marry. We both knew we wanted children and decided to try. After a year of trying and many disappointments we went to a specialist. Long story short I was told I would never have children. This was a heavy blow. I loved children and worked as a pediatric nurse in a clinic. So our next step was to try fertility…show more content…
The Physician thought this would make it near impossible for a mother with this condition to carry a healthy child. Wouldn’t you know luck would have it my husband carried a gene for a different connective tissue disorder that his sister has. We knew this; we were prepared and saw a genetic counselor. By the grace of God we knew in our hearts that it did not matter that we still wanted a child. Still our doctor told us no, she would not in good conscious refer us. I felt as though we hit a wall, it was devastating knowing there was nothing you could do. Family and friends told us there were other options. Based on our predisposition health assessments we would not be good candidates for adoption. I prayed for some sort of answer, for an option. Well, God answered our prayers because through some loophole I was covered under my Mothers insurance and was able to travel to my home state and get a second opinion. The OB/GYN wanted to do an endoscopy right away. He was so amazing, a true answer to our prayers. After surgery it was found that I had endometriosis. A simple diagnosis for infertility, two months later I was

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