Pressure Of Grades Essay

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In today’s day and age the way grades are incorporated into the classroom end up doing more harm than good in the school systems. The idea of getting good grades creates a lot of pressure on the student from many sources. Pressure on students can come from parents and teachers, older siblings, and even from within-from themselves. According to an article on Stanford News.Edu written by Barbara Palmer, “the pressure put on students by society and their parents makes students more likely to stress out about receiving letter grades and more likely to cheat or plagiarize other people's work” (Palmer). Parents and teachers that solely focus on and stress grades, force children to believe that the destination is more important than the journey. Many kids feel pressured to cut corners, sacrifice ethics, and take easier courses, all in an effort to achieve better grades instead of better learning. This pressure from parents is the most prominent pressure in a student’s…show more content…
They would not know where to improve, they would not be able to see if they truly understand a topic or just think that they do. Letter grades also split students into groups based on how well each individual is doing. Many believe that there is no other way to create a system to group students by knowledge. Although this can help the way the teachers continue their lessons by knowing how well the class is doing, if it is needed to teach more or to move on, it creates a sense of competition because of the way students are compared to each other. This competition idea can create more stress in students; because of comparing themselves with those around them-no one wants to do worse than someone else But this can segregate a class or grade, causing people to feel they are smarter or less smart than those around them and because of this, it may cause students to exclude others based on their level of
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