Judy Bridgewater's Never Let Me Go

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Miss Lucy decided to tell the students at Hailsham what they needed to hear which was kept a secret by the other guardians. Miss Lucy made it clear that the students were born for the sole purpose of donating their vital organs. Although the students had an idea prior to this, they did not fully understand the situation until she told them. From Miss Lucy’s dialogue, the reader is able to understand the sense of shock that the students felt as they realized that their future was nothing more than donating vital organs followed by “completing.” Miss Emily taught the students about the different counties of England. Miss Emily told them that Norfolk was a lost corner. This is significant because towards the end of the book, Tommy, Ruth, Kathy, Chrissie, and Rodney visit Norfolk. Kathy wondered if she would be able to find the tape of Judy Bridgewater’s “Never Let Me Go” that she had lost at Hailsham. Kathy was looking through boxes of cassette tapes at a store and came across it. Tommy and Kathy both wondered if it could have possibly been the same one she misplaced a long time ago. Kathy described the “collections” to the readers by emphasizing the significance that the students placed on them at Hailsham. Later in the novel, readers recognize how they actually meant nothing. When Ruth was at the Cottages, old Keffers thought that…show more content…
While they were there, Rodney claimed that he saw Ruth’s “possible.” Since each of them was copied from a normal person, there was a normal person living their life, and in this case they thought they found Ruth’s. One reason why it was such a big deal was because “possibles” were thought to give one a glimpse into their future. This was important because it was rare that they came across “possibles.” It was discovered that the woman was not Ruth’s “possible”, but at that moment in time they thought they had achieved something that was considered

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