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“Other women looked on me as a rival. And it pained me a great deal” (Grace Kelly Quotes). Who wouldn’t, though? A successful actress and beloved princess, Grace Kelly left a legacy that is hard to match. Benefiting both the world of Hollywood and the world of Monaco, she is renowned for her contributions to this earth. Born in Philadelphia on November 12, 1929, Grace Patricia Kelly grew up with her two sisters, Margaret (Peggy) and Elizabeth, and her brother, John. He and her father, also named John, were both Olympic medalists; John had a bronze for rowing, while Grace’s father was a three-time gold medalist in sculling, an event similar to rowing. In fact, his wife, Margaret (Majer) Kelly, had a degree in physical education and became the…show more content…
She received her first Academy Award nomination for that performance. In 1954, she appeared in the movie version of the play by Clifford Odets, The Country Girl. That same year, Grace played the role of the unfaithful wife in Dial M for Murder. Then, she played the photographer’s girlfriend in Rear Windows, also in 1954. Then, Grace co-starred with Cary Grant in the 1955 film, To Catch a Thief. Right before her retirement, though it had only been a few short years of acting, she performed in The Swan and High Society (The Editors of Encyclopædia…show more content…
Her philanthropy work was very distinguished, as she simply had a kind heart. She established AMADE Mondiale and founded the Princess Grace Foundation to help local craftsmen. She also support the La Leche League (Biography for Grace Kelly). She also contributed greatly to fashion, starting trends with her simple but elegant style. Grace popularized many fashions, including the circle skirt and tailored pants (Sullivan, Jennifer Nicole). In her acting career, Grace was world-famous. She received numerous awards, the most noteworthy including the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress (Mogambo) in 1954. Also that year, she was awarded the National Board of Review Award for Best Actress (Rear Window, Dial M for Murder, and The Country Girl). In 1955, she was given the Academy Award for Best Actress, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and an Oscar for Best Actress, all for The Country Girl. Her final achievement before her retirement was the 1956 Golden Globe Henrietta Award for World Film Favorites (Biography for Grace

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