Ce068 Week 1 Reflection

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This week, I am attending four courses. The first, CIE068 Low-Advanced Grammar (level 5) of Center for International Education (CIE). The second, seminar course with Dr. Mia K. Williams. Then, ET501 Introduction to Applications of Educational Technology in PK-12 Education with Dr.Christine D Kyser. Finally, ET613 Teaching in an Online Environment with Dr.David Scott Kendrick. In CIE068 Low-Advanced Grammar (level 5) with Ms. Evgeniya Jane Borisova. I have studied the Present Progressive and Past Perfect tenses. In class, the instructor has taught with games on the internet and worked in collaborative groups learning. In seminar courses with Dr. Mia K. Williams. This week, I have been working the proposal in 2 parts about research question

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