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SYNOPSIS OF Promotion of Buddhist Tourism in Madhya Pradesh Introduction about the topic Madhya Pradesh As A State Madhya Pradesh, as per its name, is situated right in the centre of India, madhya means centre and pradesh means state. This largest state of India is bordered by Maharashtra in the south, Chattisgarh in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the northeast, Gujarat in the west and Rajasthan in the northwest. Occupying an area of 308,144 sq km, the state has Bhopal as its capital and Indore as its largest city. For tourists, Madhya Pradesh has many surprises. The state has everything that delights tourists, natural beauty, cultural heritage and modern development. Infact, it is this beautiful amalgamation that attracts tourists from far and…show more content…
Sanchi's significance lies in it being home to all kind of Buddhist architecture - stupas, chaityas, temples and monasteries. All the monuments date back from 3rd century BC to 12th century AD. The important amongst these are the Four Gateways, the Great Stupa 1, Stupa 2 and 3, the Ashokan Pillar, and Temple 18. Apart from these, there are Buddhist Viharas and also a Museum. A noteworthy thing here is that Buddha is not represented in figures but in symbols, indicating a tradition followed in the early Buddhism, Hinayana. In this Buddha is regarded a human and not a god. The Sanchi stupa, built in and around 283 BCE by Ashoka, the famous Indian emperor who converted to Buddhism, is better known for its scriptures. The second largest stupa in India after that of Amravati, the Sanchi stupa is surrounded by a railing with four carved gateways facing towards all four directions. The entire stupa comprises symbolic representation of the gifts of nature as if explaining the Buddhist doctrine by reflecting the people's love for the nature. The use of lotus in stupa symbolises the rise of people from the mud of materialism to the reality and spirituality of life. Similarly, the female tree spirits depicted in the gateways are symbols of…show more content…
Located on the hilltop, Sanchi is a religious place with archaeological and historical significance, mostly related to the spread of Buddhism. • Barhut Stupa : Located in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh, Barhut is a famous Buddhist destination. The reason for this is the presence of a stupa constructed by Emperor Asoka in the 3rd century BC. Renovation work was carried out by later Sunga ruler in the 2nd century BC. The stupa too depicts Buddha in form of symbols - Bodhi tree, footprints, empty seat and wheel of dharma. Climate Madhya Pradesh experiences a monsoonal climate. Summers in Madhya Pradesh extends from March to may while winters prevail during the months of November to February. The months from June to September are times for rain in the state. The best time to visit the state is in between the months of October to

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