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In the book "PUSH" by Sapphire we are taken through the abuse that a young girl is put through from an early age until she is sixteen. She gives us a girl who has 2 babies by her father at a young age, a girl who was so ashamed and scarred by her abuse that she struggled academically. So damaged by her life she did not know what a friend was, how to trust. A girl who had been through so much; yet didn’t know enough to read or write. Someone who was so ashamed of her experiences and appearance that she longed to be a completely different person; that is until the alternative school came into her life and she just wanted to be a better person. Precious thinks that she is a invisible, that nobody can see her because that is how ashamed of herself she is. Everything changed for the better for Precious when she started going to her alternative school Each One Teach One where her principal Mrs.Lichenstein had referred her to. In that…show more content…
Nobody knew the emotional and medical abuse that Precious endured. Its not always bruises that lets you know a child is being abused. We need to pay more attention to how a child is acting and pay attention to all the red flags; Precious had many flags and nobody wanted to step in her principals held her back instead of getting her out of the abuse she was dealing with, doctors allowed her to go back home after knowing she had her fathers baby; and her grandmother knew about the abuse and did nothing to help Precious. Nobody cared to ask Precious how she was doing or how she was feeling, nobody took the time to get her know her. This book is an eye opener it shows you how much a child can endure at home and never say a word of out it out loud to anyone. It shows how afraid and untrusting towards adults a child can be when it endures so much abuse and nobody helps the child, how invisible a child can feel because of

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