Explain The Setting In The Fall Of The House Of Usher

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Setting is one of the most important factors used when writing novels, stories, or any other kind of fictional work or poem. The setting provides an overall basis for what you’re about to read. Whether it explains the creepiness of a story, or the cheerfulness, it’s purpose is greatly appreciated. In order for you to fully understand a story, you must first fully understand the environment it’s placed in. The settings in both The Fall of the House of Usher and Where is Here? are described in much detail. This provides a great foundation for the rest of the stories. In “Usher,” the setting provides a very eerie, creepy feeling. This further allows the story to give you a more mysterious feel. In “Where,” there is a very homey feeling given to the setting. Because the stranger has come to look at the house and see what’s changed since he’s lived there, the hominess paints a picture in your mind, so you can experience the home in the same way the stranger does. As said in “Usher,” the house is described as a “mansion of gloom” by the narrator. This automatically gives you a feel for the story. The detail that the setting has been described in within both of these stories is wonderful, because the picture it paints introduces you to the overall message.…show more content…
In “Usher,” a very mysterious, off-putting mood is given by the description of setting. In “Usher,” a “Gothic archway” is mentioned. This tells you that it is an older, creepier type house, and puts that mood of creepiness into your thought process. In “Where,” a very delightful, welcoming mood is portrayed. Although the stranger is slightly off-putting, the setting and happiness of the family is endearing, and helps take that odd mood away. Setting is very important for portraying mood, and although these two stories’ moods are quite different, they are both stated in a very blatant

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