The Rocking Horse Winner Setting Essay

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In any story, the setting could be the most important component to a marvelous plot. An author may choose to use the setting of a story to give imagery or distract the reader. “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, by D.H. Lawrence and “The Lottery”, by Shirley Jackson gives two completely different uses of the setting, which was created by the author. While one author uses the setting as a foundation to build the story upon, the other uses it as a mere decoy to distract the reader. “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, by D.H. Lawrence describes the gift of a boy named Paul, who chooses a winning horse in popular races. During the climax of the story, one of the most important races, Paul becomes overwhelmed with the stressed of being gifted, that he soon passes…show more content…
The authors usage of real-world locations around the city of London not only strengthens the setting to become an essential part of the story, but it gives the audience an actual events to imagine, the horse races. These races even occur in present time today. Lawrence used theses events to help the audience take part in the story. By that, I mean Lawrence simply did not have to elaborate on description or imagery, the audience did it for him. For the events that aren’t actually realistic in this story, they stand out even more to the audience because it is not something to relate to. Lawrence describes the house in the mindset of the characters view, so the audience could get a look at how the character sees things through his eyes. Wen reading further into the description of the exterior of the house, it becomes apparent that the servants and gardens show an unequal resemblance that struggles to coincide with the income of the family. The atmosphere standing hand in hand with the setting fits well with the story by allowing the reader to form parts of the story from personal experiences or real life races. With the audience putting scenes in from their memories, the author does not need to do much to help solidify each scene. The audience becomes easily hypnotized into taking part in the

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