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For my practicum, I am interning at Mercy Behavioral Health Service Coordination Unit (MBH-SCU) at the Reedsdale location. As for now, this practicum has been a unique experience for me. I am fortunate enough to have an internship that consists of five different phases of their filed practicum obligations. These five phases are training, shadowing, and managing resources, entry of Adult Needs and Strengths (ANSA), and lastly, independent intern. Currently, I am in the second phase of my internship experience, which is shadowing. Wednesdays through Fridays, I shadow service coordinators around the field as they work to serve their consumers. A service coordinator assists adults, children and their families in accessing resources and services…show more content…
Writing out long, detailed Personal Crises Plans, and reflecting on my interactions with consumers are all things that I did not think would be so impactful. So far, I have not encountered several groups’ dynamics to reflect upon at my unit, but I shadowed Mercy’s Community Treatment Team (CTT) for two days. CTT is a group of five professionals, which are a psychiatrist, educational specialist, therapist, intensive service coordinator and social worker. In the beginning of the internship, I had no idea what Community Treatment Team was. Since I barely had any knowledge about CTT, my supervisor instructed me to arrange a Power-Point presentation that informs future interns about CTT. During my perpetration of the Power-point, I learned that CTT’s most dominant and effective tool is the structure. MBH’s CTT group is counselling and psychotherapy type of group, and as a consumer is referred with specific crises, the group of professionals is preparing to work together, and do whatever is necessary to enable the client to survive in the…show more content…
Otherwise, it is impossible to either relate to or even understand what was transpiring. Indeed, it was apparent that the social worker poised characteristics of an effective group leader. The social worker demonstrated genuine, caring and courage. The touching of the consumer’s hand in that setting, from my perspective, confirmed that the social worker was there with the consumer, actively listening, was willing to be vulnerable at times and had a sincere interest in the welfare of the

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