Charlie's Operation In Flowers For Algernon

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“The only source of knowledge is experience” said Albert Einstein. In the story Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes a man named Charlie Gordon who was mentally disabled had been offered a surgery that would make him smarter. After accepting the offer, Charlie's IQ began to rise drastically and he became one of the smartest people on the earth. Suddenly, Charlie's IQ begins to dramatically drop and he realizes that his brain is deteriorating as a result of the procedure. Charlie is trying to figure out how to keep as much knowledge as he can. Charlie's operation had more costs than benefits to the procedure. To begin with, because of the procedure Charlie now understands that his so called friends are actually mean to him. In the story Charlie sees a boy younger than him working at a restaurant being made fun of. Charlie realized that this is how he looked when he was being made fun of and was able to recall specific times such as once being purposely left by his so-called friends at a bar intoxicated to find his own way home. Moments such as that show the reader that Charlie’s operation inadvertently harmed Charlie emotionally and result in him possibly feeling paranoid as his brain begins to slow down.…show more content…
In the story, all of the other lab animals that had this procedure done started to act abnormal becoming aggressive while they degressed mentally and then died. Now that Charlie understood everything that had ever happened to him prior to the surgery he began to have suicidal thoughts. The story expressed his mindset by saying, “Thoughts of suicide to stop it all now”. This confirms that Charlie is emotionally scarred and that the operation damaged him
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