Amusing Ourselves To Death Analysis

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The media distorts reality by focusing on unusual or extreme events.It does not often occur to people that if we weren’t as dependent on television as we are, our society’s values and beliefs would differ so much from what they are today. Television entertainment plays a huge role in peoples lives today, they feel a constant need to be amused. The media has somewhat changed culture into entertainment; instead of being enriched with useful knowledge our society seems to lean more towards less important issues. Neil Postman analyses many problems in his book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, about the consequences of living in a society lead by television, and though almost 30 years have gone by since this book was written, his words are unfortunately…show more content…
Celebrities seem to be getting more and more involved in American politics. With the use of social media, people are so involved with celebrities’ everyday lives, and feel they know them personally. Because so many people have this virtual connection with celebrities and feel they “love” them, they would believe anything they say or do anything they asked them to do. When actors finish filming a movie, they start promoting it all over their social media, which helps ticket sales enormously. Because they have that power of just posting something on their social media page and have thousands of followers respond, some celebrities have used that power to deal with politics. For example, an actor can easily share a tweet asking everyone to come down to a protest for a cause he or she believes in and surely a great amount of people will show up. In 2008, Barack Obama was campaigning for his presidential election and he had over a hundred celebrities support his campaign all over their social media outlets, which surely had a great effect on his win. The only way to get people to do anything important nowadays is if it has anything to do with the entertainment industry. The media knows exactly what viewers are interested

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